Thursday, 3 January 2013

Want a New Years Resolution that can save lives?

Come on crafters let’s make our 2013 New Year’s resolution a crafty one to make the world a better and fairer place for all :)

As a fellow crafter I’m calling on you to start 2013 by using what you do - craft - to help end world hunger! Imagine saying in conversations about new years resolutions... “I’m going to save lives by doing what I love.” Win win! Your craft can even inspire others to be a piece of the jigsaw to end world hunger too - win win win! 

My latest #imapiece for my MP

Why am I banging on about it?

* Because in a world where we know how to solve hunger we still have 2.3 million children across the world die because of hunger every year.

* If world leaders invest in life saving interventions that work (like supporting small-scale farmers, teaching people about healthy eating etc) it could save 1 million lives each year.

How can little-old-me be a piece of the solution?

You can stitch messages onto material jigsaw pieces which will be put together to make a HUGE creative, crafty installation alternative to a petition that Save the Children will show off to our Government, the public and World Leaders showing that hundreds, even thousands of us, want, with world leaders, to be a part of the solution to hunger, not the problem. You can also give a jigsaw piece to your local MP to remind them to be a part of the solution too or at least tell them about the piece you made for the installation.

From this:

To this:
 An easy way to save a life, I think!

Sarah Corbett, founder of Craftivist Collective, said: "Life is like a puzzle, it all seems a mess but when it gets finished it looks brilliant. There are some amazing small-scale successful projects happening all over the world that are tackling hunger and showing that the world doesn’t have to have malnourished children whose potential is stunted.

“Hopefully craftsters have had a good rest over the festive period and are energised to use their craft for good in 2013, and join us in this project as craftivists to show that we are all connected and our actions make a difference. There is no one solution to the problem of injustice but we can all play a part in a movement for change. The G8 coming back to the UK is too big an opportunity to miss so why not have your New Year’s Resolution to be part of eradicating hunger through your love of craft? That would be a pretty cool resolution right?!”

It’s difficult to ignore a big beautiful, original piece of art that has been made by a large group of people. Especially if it’s as HUGE as it could be - if all of us stitch a few jigsaw pieces each.

Check out some of the jigsaw pieces made by some of your fellow crafters & download our pattern and easy instructions here ( and get stitching! You can hold a stitch-in event and get others excited about the project, sign the Save the Children petition here, and spread the word online through Twitter, Facebook, blogs etc using the hashtag #imapiece.

Imagine your jigsaw pieces turning a bare wall into a beautiful, unforgettable piece of art that could make a difference to millions of lives. Now that would be an achievement that would start 2013 with a bang! Come on crafters! Let’s get our craft changing the world!! 

“If you think you are too small to make a difference try sleeping in a closed room with a mosquito” 
                               - African Proverb

Love Lorna xx

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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

What's new for 2013?

Happy New Year to you all!

I hope your festivities over the last few days have been wonderful and filled with love.

I wanted to leave a quick post to tell you what you should expect from LoveLorna over the next few weeks. I have been busy busy busy making lots of different items to place on my Folksy shop -  . I hope to start selling a few more things online this year.
A small selection of items that you will find for sale on my Folksy shop.

I am also hoping to attend some craft fairs to sell my items in the local area. As well as this, I am starting a new project of a double sized patchwork quilt made up of Cath Kidston fabric. I have also been asked to make one for someone in the coming year as well.

So I have lots of hopes and plans for my 2013, what are your hopes and plans??

Stayed tuned for more updates and blog posts.

Love Lorna xx

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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Guest Blogger for Craftivist Collective!

I would like to say a big Thank you to the Craftivist Collective for making my #imapiece Jigsaw 'Piece of the week'!
My article on the Craftivist Collective website.

I was so excited when they emailed me saying they loved my Jigsaw and wanted it to be 'Piece of the Week', a new page they wanted to start!

This is my first Guest blog I have done so thought really carefully about the questions I had to answer.

Click here to go to the page and check out the article yourself (if you haven't just come from that page).

Many thanks again to all the people at Craftivist Collective, I hope my Jigsaw makes a difference. xx

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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Finished #imapiece puzzle campaign

Hi Everyone!!

Do you remember my last blog post that I wrote talking about taking part in the #imapiece campagin as part of Save the Children and Action Against Hunger campagin to end world hunger? 

Well I have finally finished my first piece! I have got the address that I need to send it to, so will be posting it off today to be part of their instillation or big art display that they are creating!

If you are still deciding whether to take part in this charity campagin (you really should) then I thought I would show you how easy it was and I had created my first puzzle piece.

1. Buy some fabric you really love or find some at home. Print and cut out the puzzle piece template (see my previous blog for the template), buy some Bondaweb (from any craft shop) and any other bits that you will be decorating your puzzle with.

2.Draw round the puzzle piece onto the back of the fabric and then cut out two puzzle peices.

3. Place the Bondaweb onto one piece of fabric (rough side down) and iron it on. Then peel it off and it should leave a sticky mark on the piece of fabric. Place your next puzzle piece onto the fabric and iron then together. Easy as that!

4.Begin creating the decoration for your puzzle piece. I decided to cross stitch a message from Gandhi that I really liked.

5. Sew it all together. Add any final bits. I add my 'Love Lorna' label and then some heart buttons that I got from my craft shop. 

And your finished! I emailed to get the email of where to send the puzzle piece to.

I am really pleased with my finished puzzle piece and hope to see it displayed soon. I am now going to crack on with my next puzzle piece - the one for my MP!!! Hmmm......what design shall I do this time??

Have fun!!!

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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Do Some Good in the World TODAY!

Hi Everyone!!

 So I was laying in bed on a lazy Saturday morning and I thought I would check out my emails to see if anything new had arrived. I opened my emails and sitting there waiting for me was a lovely email from Craft Blog UK (a site where you can find hundreds of craft bloggers).

 The email was all about a campaign they are working on with Save the Children and Craftivist Collection as part of the Race Against Hunger Campaign.

 What they are asking  people to do to get involved is to use there crafty imagination to create a jigsaw piece that will be brought together to create a giant art sculpture in the spring. Each piece will be embroidered or painted with a positive or provocative message about the issue.

 Crafters are encouraged to make 3 pieces -

 1.One to keep to remind them to be part of the solution and not the problem.
 2.One to send to be a part of the big jigsaw puzzle, so we can make a huge impact when they are all put together.
3.One to send or give to their MP, because the fact is hunger is a political issue with a political solution.

 I'm so excited about getting started and would love it if other people would get involved too. What could be better than making something that will do good in the world??

I have a few ideas flying round at the moment...You could do anything crafty, really use your imagination.

 If you want to get involved you can insert the image I have at the top and bottom of this page onto your blog to show your support (message me for the html code), tweet or instagram about it  with #imapiece and it will be shared on their hub website, make a jigsaw and craft away, or all three!!

Click here to download the jigsaw templae if you have heard everything you need to and want to get started.


Watch the youtube video below which will explain all about what you have to do:

Or for more info click the below which will take you to the site:


Thanks for reading and watch this space for my  jigsaw pieces!!!


Saturday, 9 June 2012

Smarties Birthday Cake

It was my step Dads  birthday again (the big monkey cake was for him last year - click here to see that cake). As I had been really busy at work I had not had time to order the sugar-paste icing that I normally would to make a cake. So instead I came up with the idea of a smarties cake as I had seen it on the net and wanted to try it for myself!

To start, I made a basic chocolate sponge cake. Using my wizzy Cake Leveller from Lakeland (Click here for more info) I cut the cake in the middle and filled it with chocolate icing and then the same around the outside of the cake. Then the fun began...

 I first of all put Cadburys Chocolate Fingers around the outside of the cake...

I then tipped out all the Smarties into a bowl, made an 'M' shape with blue Smarties (M for Malcolm) and then filled in the gaps with the other coloured Smarties.

It was really easy and very effective. You need to be sure to check the amount of each colour Smartie you have to be sure there is enough the complete a whole row - orange is the worst for the amount you get, as you can see I have no orange row -  I just had to eat them of course!! A quick and tasty cake that looks great in no time at all! Yummy Yummy!!!

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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Jungle Themed 1st Birthday Cake

Hi Everyone! So it's been a really long time since I last blogged but don't worry - I haven't stopped baking and making during that time! I am going to try and catch up a bit on some of the things that I have made recently, most of which are baking things.

First up I volunteered to make a cake for our friends babies first birthday party. They agreed and said I could do what ever design I liked - Yippeee!! I decided on a jungle theme as that is the style of his bedroom.

Once I had decided upon the theme I got the cake tin (borrowed from a cake shop) and ordered all the icing...lots of it!!!

I don't know if you noticed, but I was a little concerned when I got the cake tin and saw it had no bottom!! Ideal for getting the cake out when it's cooked, but how on earth do you hold the mixture in it?? Luck for me my chef fiance solved my problems and he lined it carefully with tin foil. It worked fantastically. 

Once out the oven and completely cooled I then did the initial lining of icing. You probably can't tell but underneath the icing is a layer of jam!! I wasn't sure how this was going to turn out, but as I didn't feel confident cutting the cake in half and they wanted jam and icing I layered it on top underneath the icing and it was brilliant!

So now its time to introduce you to the cast of the cake:

Ella Elephant

Gia Giraffe

Mike Monkey

 Louis Lion

And the final piece, with it all put together: 

This cake probably took me about 8 hours to make from start to finish. I was very pleased with the final result and so were the people who I made it for -  and that's the main thing!!

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