Thursday, 1 November 2012

Finished #imapiece puzzle campaign

Hi Everyone!!

Do you remember my last blog post that I wrote talking about taking part in the #imapiece campagin as part of Save the Children and Action Against Hunger campagin to end world hunger? 

Well I have finally finished my first piece! I have got the address that I need to send it to, so will be posting it off today to be part of their instillation or big art display that they are creating!

If you are still deciding whether to take part in this charity campagin (you really should) then I thought I would show you how easy it was and I had created my first puzzle piece.

1. Buy some fabric you really love or find some at home. Print and cut out the puzzle piece template (see my previous blog for the template), buy some Bondaweb (from any craft shop) and any other bits that you will be decorating your puzzle with.

2.Draw round the puzzle piece onto the back of the fabric and then cut out two puzzle peices.

3. Place the Bondaweb onto one piece of fabric (rough side down) and iron it on. Then peel it off and it should leave a sticky mark on the piece of fabric. Place your next puzzle piece onto the fabric and iron then together. Easy as that!

4.Begin creating the decoration for your puzzle piece. I decided to cross stitch a message from Gandhi that I really liked.

5. Sew it all together. Add any final bits. I add my 'Love Lorna' label and then some heart buttons that I got from my craft shop. 

And your finished! I emailed to get the email of where to send the puzzle piece to.

I am really pleased with my finished puzzle piece and hope to see it displayed soon. I am now going to crack on with my next puzzle piece - the one for my MP!!! Hmmm......what design shall I do this time??

Have fun!!!

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