Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Vets Pets

About a month ago my cat, Wiley, broke his leg either from being hit by a car or having a bad fall. The vet said that it was a unusual break so had to go and see the specialist to have his leg pinned back together (poor little man). We have always had insurance for our moggies, so he was able to have the best care available.
Wiley sucking on his favourite blanket - home comforts.
The poorly leg with the big op scar.

As a thank you to the specialists for taking such great care of our precious pussycat  I decided to make them some Wiley Biscuits as a thank you for making him better (and putting up with his constant howling while stuck in the cage). 

To Make:

  1. I used a normal biscuit mix (from 'The Book of Great British Baking') to make the dough.
  2. I then lightly place a cat cutter on top of the dough - don't press down! Instead, cut AROUND the edge of the cat cutter, so you can see the biscuit under the icing (as shown above). 
  3. Once the biscuits had cooked and cooled, I rolled out some white sugar paste and pressed the cat cutter into it, creating the cat face shape.
  4. Using sugar paste and water as a glue I stuck the sugarpaste icing to the biscuit. 
  5. Finally, I  drew on the cat faces with icing pens

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