Friday, 2 September 2011

Strawberry Drawstring Bag

I saw some really cute drawstring bags in the Cath Kidston shop in Cambridge and really liked the idea. I wasn't sure how they were made so decided to look it up!

I found a really good site 'Chica and Jo' that explains really well how to make a drawstring bag. The most difficult bit I found was putting in the stitched rows for the ribbon to go through. I will find an easy way and let you know! :o) 
Drawstring bag
As you can see I have used the strawberry fabric from NortexMill Factory on the outside. I then used red ribbon and red heart buttons as it ties in with the strawberry colour.
Draw string bag
 This is what the bag looks like when it is filled and done up. 

Lining of my drawstring bag

The lining of the bag is a different type of strawberry fabric from NortexMill Factory. It didn't take too long to make with my sewing machine!


Love Lorna labels! 
Do you like my labels?? I'm very pleased with them! 

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