Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Have a Whale of a Time with this Luggage Tag!

Today I was trying to make some more ribbon flower brooches to sell to help raise money for 'Giving Africa' (click here to see my flower brooches). On one of them I decided I would make a cross stitch button. So I started making it and quickly realised that it was too big to make into a button, so this is what I did with it instead:

I made it into a luggage tag!! Yay! It was so quick and easy to do. I followed a pattern from Cross Stitcher Magazine (see favourite links) then stuck it onto a luggage tag.

As you can see, its a nice simple design that looks really cute!

Oh yeah, and I wanted to share this video with you all to show you how clever my moggie is! [Sorry you have to tilt your head to the left!]

If you can't tell, its him playing 'Fetch' with a bottle top! He taught this himself a long time ago and its his favourite game. As kittens we brought them loads of toys but all he wanted to play with was a metal bottle top! Silly billy :o)

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