Thursday, 27 October 2011

Wedding Cupcakes

Hi everyone! Huge apologies for my absence I have been so busy what with a new term starting. I have also been busy wedding planning for my wedding next August! I have however, been busy as always doing lots of different crafty bits, I just have not had time to upload them.

As its half term week  I can share with you something special my cousin and I have been doing....

My aunty got married on Friday 21st October 2011, and she decided not to have a wedding cake (crazy, I know). So my lovely cousin Holly and I decided that this would be too strange and as she has just as much love for baking as I do, we decided on the crazy task of making enough cupcakes for everyone at the wedding...Thats 90 people!!!

A week before the wedding we decided to have a rehersal of the cupcake mix and the decorating to check all was ok (any excuse to bake). And this is what we produced:

We used blue and red for the rehersal, but for the actual wedding we used black and red as my aunties dress was a beautiful black Vivienne Westwood and she had red roses as a theme.

We decorated some of the cakes with dried roses that we created by coating the petals in egg whites and sugar:

We then decorated the other cupcakes with roses we made from sugarpaste. Each one we hand crafted:

This is a picture of the actual 83 cupcakes (we ran out of icing for the remaining 7) and the mini cutting cake on the top complete with stand... What do you think?

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