Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Christmas Fair

Hi everyone, hope you are keeping warm on these cooler November days!

My cousin and I had a lovely time at the Country Living Christmas Fair last Sunday. It was a bit of a mission to get there at first as my petrol pump at the petrol station didn't work, then the train ticket machine didn't work to get my ticket, then the underground was closed in London to get to Islington. But I battled on and with determination and some very kind and helpful people we finally arrived at the Christmas fair. 

It was jammed packed and so huge that we weren't able to see every single stall but gave it a good go! I picked up some really good crafty things that I am excited about starting (after my old projects are finished of course!).

Here are my purchases of the day:

The fabric you can see I purchased as a bundle for £4. The two gray fabrics are about 1/2 metre and the others are a bit smaller. These will be perfect for patchwork and cushion making!

The ribbon was so cheap and beautiful, perfect for brooch making!

Then to the right you can see a star stamp, some holographic glitter and some little tags, all perfect for card making!!!

At the front you can see a pussycat which I just had to buy because it looks exactly like my pussycat Maxi  especially with the collar colour. My cousin brought me the cute 'Home Sweet Home' coaster as a thank you for inviting her!!

Keep your eyes peeled for these items soon to be turned into homemade crafts.

We had a great time and really enjoyed getting our creative fingers buzzing, thanks Cross Stitcher for the tickets!!! :o)

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