Saturday, 27 August 2011

My Shop!!!

I have finally opened my own shop!!! You can find it at:

My 'Love Lorna' shop

The first item I have put up is this ribbon button:

I'm selling it for £5.00 and every penny of that will go to charity!

I am currently raising money for 'Giving Africa' which is a charity that builds schools for children in Africa to help eradicate poverty.

As well as selling these ribbons, I will be doing the Om Yogathon which is like a yoga marathon (if you didn't get it). I will be doing 108 sun salutations to raise AT LEAST £108. I will be doing this with lots of other Yoga fund raising people at London Olympia on the 28th October.

I will be putting up for sale a lot more ribbon buttons so if you would like one then go to my shop and buy one OR you can just sponser me at:

Thank you for your support :o)

Love Lorna xx

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