Friday, 26 August 2011

Ready, Steady, Craft!

Today its rainy and horrible outside so I am hibernating inside now. I quickly popped to town and brought several little bits and bobs from my local haberdashery shop. I spent under £10.

So what CAN I make with this heap of paper, pastic, metal and ribbon???

How about a nice sunny brooch?? Perfect for brightening up the day...

Great to wear and accessorise clothes with. You could even add it to a hair band or bracelet! These were so easy to make to what I imagined!  

So thats the ribbon, buttons and brooch things used... what about the paper???

How about labelling your kitchen utensils with pretty cross stitch labels? Lovely!!! 

I'm planning on making lots of these, just with different pictures on. They could  be used as luggage tags, gift tags or just decoration for your home. I got the cross stitch pattern from Cross Stitcher Magazine (See Favourite Links). 

I'm hoping to start selling some of my things that I make. I am eventually going to get an online shop, but if you can't wait that long or have any requests then you can make a comment on my posts. 

Lets hope the sunshine comes out soon xx

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